about that blues show

Why the name Blues Hunter?

Somewhere between the great depression and world war two many blues artists drifted from the blues circuit and found themselves in regular everyday jobs. But the hunger for blues remained and after the war, great effort was made to find these giants of the blues. The best of these researchers became known as Blues Hunters; people such as Nick Perls, Dick Waterman and Phil Spiro who sacrificed much to seek out the best blues on the planet and after searching the Mississippi delta for Eddie James "Son House" jnr., rediscovered him in 1964 in Rochester, New York a few miles from where their journey began.

I am certainly not in their league but hunting for blues is something I love doing. When I joined Curve radio and did my first Blues broadcast on Saturday 2nd July 2016, there were a number of DJ Paul's so to differentiate between us I thought of Pearls, Waterman and Spiro and so thought of Blues Hunter. I know, probably a silly name and I am sure I'll get some "stick" as they say here in Northern Ireland, but there it is.

I am no expert, no authority, no-one better or worse than you, just a fan of the Blues and I always look forward to sharing some blues with you from today back to the Delta and I sure would love to hear some of your blues and learn why it is important to you.

Why should you listen to the Blues?

Simple answer: no reason at all.
I would like you to listen to the blues for selfish reasons. The Blues adds a great deal to my life and I care about you. I care about life being too short sometimes that we reach the end of it before we have a chance to find ourselves, contribute to others and find our happiness, our purpose and our identity.

Can you imagine building a jigsaw, only to find one peice missing? Sure, you can see the picture but you can also see there is a peice missing.
Blues is nothing more than that one peice. You don't need it, walk on. We reach the end of the road sometimes without many missing peices. For me, I would sure like to reach the end of the road and at least, still have that one "Blues" peice in my back pocket.

I hope you never need the Blues but if you do, if you needed some company when there was no-one else around. I hope Blues is there for you as it has been for me.

Life in five questions

Question 1: What's your favorite song?

I have many favourite blues songs. Right now, I remember waiting for a connection in Harry's bar on the roof top of Changi Airport a number of years ago watching the sunset and I was listening to a '91 title track by John Lee Hooker called Mr. Lucky and bathing in the dusk of an Asian sun, I thought for a brief moment "bad luck can't do me no harm".

Question 2: What kind of music do you play

The kind of music I play is that blues song that means something pretty special to a listener. The kind of music I like to listen to is something personal; something real, something that means something to my life.

Question 3: What times do you usually stream?

I present "That Blues Show", the first dedicated Blues Show in Northern Ireland. I present my main show on Saturday nights from 10:30pm onwards and a number of bonus shows during the week to catch those songs or stories that were just too much for the main show.

Question 4: Where are you from?

I am from a hillside in Antrim; a beautiful town in Northern Ireland that sits on the shores of the largest freshwater lake by area in the UK called Lough Neagh.

Question 5: Describe yourself in three words.

Over the years people have said I was patient, compassionate and generous. I guess I'll take that. Sounds good doesn't it? Truth is, I dislike labels, even if they are kind ones. We are all just travellers trying to get somewhere. For some the journey can be hard so, for myself, I try not to judge. Instead I try to remember my motto "Be Kind, Be Cool, Be Happy".

I wish you well on your road friend. For now, Safe journies.

- BluesHunter