So what's happening?


That Blues Show Christmas Special on Christmas Eve. Someone said to me that there was no such thing as Blues Christmas songs. Tune in to find out.

I was told that I was Curve Radio DJ of the month award winner.

The new studio album from the Rolling Stones called "Blue and Lonesome" has just been released on 2nd December 2016and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.
See "Blue and Lonesome" for more details

That Blues Show goes supersized permanently

From now on That Blues Show will be sharing over three hours of solid Blues with you on Saturday nights from 10pm onwards. Hope you can drop by. I'll keep the fires burning and you'll always be welcome.

That Blues Show Competition give away No. 1

Take me to the competition

TBS Best of No.2: End of Summer 2016

15th October 2016 time for another awesome TBS "Best Of" show. Vote for your favourites. Your favourites - Your show

That Blues Show goes large

After agreement from management at Curve Radio, That Blues Show will extend to 2 hours and thiry minutes from now on. I am chuffed to bits to be able to share some more blues with you.

Blues Hunting

On Saturday 24th September 2016 I share some deep south delta tunes from some bigh hitters such as Bo Diddly, Bukka White and Furry Lewis, Blind Willie Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins and other such as Aretha Franklin and B.B. King singing "The Thrill is Gone". Many people said they loved a little classic delta and wanted more especially the live stuff. So you hear it here first That Blues Show is going to run some more live sessions next time.

Chillun after the noise

On Saturday 3rd September 2016 I am going to play some tracks from Rusy Jacks, a great Blues band from Draperstown here in Northern Ireland. Kieran McGuigan was kind enough to send me some CD's including the band's latest album, Holler 'n' howl so I am looking forward to that. Plus I am featuring lesser known yet just as influencial in the blues world, Buster Benton and Eddie Taylor. Just perfect for "Chillun after the noise".

A "Concert" experience with Luther Allison

On Saturday 27th August 2016 amid some amazing talent I am going to run a number of tracks back to back of the great Luther Allison live in Paris and live in Chicago. I will not make commentary on any of the tracks until it is over and I am hoping to sit down and relax and enjoy this experience with you. I am looking forward to this and hope you will join me.

"Got time for a little boogie?"

On saturday 6th August 2016 That Blues Show will be hopes to share a little boogie with you. You up for that?

"Boys are back in town"

On saturday 23rd July 2016 That Blues Show will be showcasing some of the finest male blues artists in "Boys are back in town". Featuring... well let's wait and see.

"Ladies Night"

On saturday 16th July 2016 That Blues Show will be showcasing some of the finest female blues artists in "Ladies Night". Featured artists included Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Tina Turner.
Big thanks to Stevie Rice and Aftershock at the Empire, my cousin Anthony listening from Canada and Mark a great ChildLine Counsellor I know.

DJ Marathon

On saturday 9th July 2016 Curve radio will be having a massive DJ Marathon right throughout the day and guess who's show is hitting the finale... Yep, That Blues Show
Big thanks to Curve radio personnel especially the talented DJ Lang.

Midnight Launch

On saturday 2nd July 2016 at midnight, That Blues Show is about to launch and it's going to be exciting.
Big thanks to my friends and family on my first show. Cheers guys