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"That Blues Show" was launched on Saturday 2nd July 2016. You can see what was on that show and all the other shows that have been broadcasted below.

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Show Broadcasted Theme
show 067 9th December 2017 One door closes, another opens
show 066 25th November 2017 Dayshift at Ford Rogue / Midnight in Rosedale
show 065 18th November 2017 The Kings of the Blues
show 064 11th November 2017 Lucky Dip
show 063 4th November 2017 The Preacher and the Belle
show 062 28th October 2017 Heart and Soul of the Blues
show 061 21st October 2017 Relaxing with a little ole style
show 060 7th October 2017 Buddy's promise to Muddy
show 059 30th September 2017 i90 past Buddy's Legends
show 058 23rd September 2017 Rocking with a little Blues Harp
show 057 16th September 2017 A little soul in Chicago
show 056 9th September 2017 A chat with Doug Macloud about the Blues
show 055 2nd September 2017 Remind me about the Boogie
show 054 26th August 2017 "Right Place Right time, thanks Otis"
show 053 23th August 2017 "Happy 4th Birthday to Curve Radio"
show 052 12th August 2017 "Muddy: My home is in the Delta
show 051 5th August 2017 Muddy: From Acoustic to Electric Chicago
show 050 29th July 2017 Finding Mudd at Stovall’s Plantation 1941
show 049 15th July 2017 From the muddy waters of Deer Creek
show 048 8th July 2017 TBS Best of No.4: 2017 April - June
show 047 1st July 2017 Party at the Blues Hotel
show 046 24th June 2017 Letter from Chicago
show 045 17th June 2017 A little rock blues down in the gutter
show 044 10th June 2017 "Mixture of all sorts - Don't You Know"
show 043 3rd June 2017 Chicago Side Streets
show 042 27th May 2017 2017 Blues Music Award Winners
show 041 20th May 2017 Drunken hearted man after the BMA's
show 040 11th May 2017 Stones in my path way to Memphis
show 039 4th May 2017 Memphis to Rosedale
show 038 29th April 2017 From today to the Delta
show 037 22nd April 2017 Girls just want to have fun
show 036 15th April 2017 Little Boogie, little Southern Drawl
show 035 8th April 2017 Wandering through Chicago
show 034 1st April 2017 Getting personal with the Blues
show 033 25th March 2017 TBS Best of... January to March 2017
show 032 18th March 2017 Three Kings and the Mama
show 031 25th February 2017 The Queen, the Mother and the Empress
show 030 18th February 2017 New delivery
show 029 11th February 2017 Cold days and warm Chicago nights
show 028 4th February 2017 Amid the noise and haste
show 027 28th January 2017 Some Blues, Some Beer
show 026 21st January 2017 2017 Looking forward