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"That Blues Show" was launched on Saturday 2nd July 2016. You can see what was on that show and all the other shows that have been broadcasted below.

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Show Broadcasted Theme
show 096 15th December 2018 "Some Rock and Roll and some more Boogie"
show 095 8th December 2018 "Some Irish Blues, friends and some Boogie"
show 094 1st December 2018 "Modern ladies of the Blues"
show 093 24th November 2018 "Blues Legend: Sitting on top of the world"
show 092 10th November 2018 "Beer drinkers no longer hell raisers"
show 091 27th October 2018 "Different Blues, one Saturday night vibe"
show 090 20th October 2018 "Supporting IBBA and supporting friends"
show 089 13th October 2018 "That Blues Show in concert"
show 088 6th October 2018 "Some Fringe Blues, Some Gems"
show 087 22nd September 2018 "Blues had a babby and they called it Rock and Roll"
show 086 15th September 2018 "Fanny Lee's backbone heading down to Havana on Ruebin's Train"
show 085 8th September 2018 "2018 A little Boogie to make you smile"
show 084 1st September 2018 "Friends and some 50's Chicago"
show 083 25th August 2018 "King of the Boogie and the Queen of Soul"
show 082 11th August 2018 "King of the Boogie"
show 081 4th August 2018 "Buddy's birthday"
show 080 28th July 2018 "Barefoot Blues and a Thank you for the fans"
show 079 21st July 2018 "Barefoot goin' down to Clarksdale"
show 078 14th July 2018 "Barefoot road trip"
show 077 7th July 2018 "Some Boogie and Barefoot Blues"
show 076 30th June 2018 "Somewhere between Chicago and the Delta"
show 075 16th June 2018 "Cruising with the Blues"
show 074 9th June 2018 "Old Automobile Blues"
show 073 26th May 2018 "2018 Chicago Blues"
show 072 19th May 2018 "Some more BMA Winners"
show 071 12th May 2018 "39th Blues Music Awards, Memphis 2018 Nominees"
show 070 5th May 2018 A little Chicago
show 069 21st April 2018 A little of this and a little of that
show 068 7th April 2018 The thrill is coming back