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"That Blues Show" was launched on Curve Radio on Saturday 13th July 2016 and lanched on Iconic Extra on Sunday 2nd September 2019. You can see what was on that show and all the other shows that have been broadcasted below.

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Show Broadcasted Theme
show 116 30th November 2019 "Crib Chillen with the softer side of the Blues and feeling good"
show 115 26th October 2019 "Stumbled upon some connections"
show 114 22nd September 2019 "Some Rock Blues and a little Chicago"
show 113 24th August 2019 "Birth of British Blues"
show 112 10th August 2019 "Some Boogie, Some Chicago and Some Sun"
show 111 13th July 2019 "2019 Blues Music Awards"
show 110 4th May 2019 "Life threw me a new path to take"
show 109 20th April 2019 "Maxwell Street Market, birth of Chicago Blues"
show 108 13th April 2019 "From Bessie to Kyla and some female Blues along the way"
show 107 6th April 2019 "Blues Legend: Splashing around in muddy waters"
show 106 23rd March 2019 "Forced to go with the flow"
show 105 16th March 2019 "St Patrick's Blues and a Tribute to Dave Raven"
show 106 23rd March 2019 "Forced to go with the flow"
show 104 9th March 2019 "Back to back Rock Blues and old fashioned Chicago"
show 103 2nd March 2019 "Old and New"
show 102 23rd February 2019 "A Little Boogie"
show 101 16th February 2019 "Some Blues Standards I grew up with"
show 100 2nd February 2019 "Taking the Blues personally"
show 099 26th January 2019 "Some friends old and new"
show 098 19th January 2019 "Chicago, my comfort zone and a little Etta James"
show 097 12th January 2019 "Just getting back into things"